Welcome to Special Youth Challenge Ministries

Special Youth Challenge (SYC) of Iowa is a 501C3 nonprofit Christian based ministry designed to teach and assist youth with special challenges to participate in and enjoy shooting sports in God’s great outdoors. SYC provides training and other necessary aides to help the hunters achieve this goal at no cost to them. There are three events held each year; a turkey hunt in the spring, a fundraiser in August, and a deer hunt in September.

Our Vision:

Youth with special challenges are often left behind because of their disability. They only hear about the exciting times their friends and families experience while hunting in the outdoors. With training and special equipment SYC helps diminish the handicap by empowering them to succeed. Volunteers instruct the youth, and their family members about ways in which they can hunt safely and use a firearm. Each hunter is given every opportunity to meet the challenge of the hunt and keep the memories of a lifetime.

Our Mission:

To empower physically challenged youth to enjoy hunting and the shooting sports by helping them overcome barriers found in the outdoors. This is done through the use of special methods, equipment, and assistance from volunteers who desire to share their passion for shooting and hunting. SYC hunters have a physical challenge, special need or have (had) a life threatening disease or injury.