SYC Booth at the Iowa Deer Classic March 2-4, 2018


SYC “Tip Night” at Storm Lake, Ia. Pizza Ranch Mar. 12, 2018 5:00 P.M. till 8:00 P.M.

Come hungry and bring friends as SYC is donated a part of the gross proceeds for the night. If you want you can help us bus and clear tables. See y’all there.


Turkey Hunt Weekend Pictures and Write up is here

Our Spring Turkey Hunt of 2009 kicked off April 24th with the Friday night banquet. Roger & his crew had another great meal. After dinner we got to meet all the hunters and guides. There were 18 hunters this time around and they were:

Mitchell Tuttle-Vinton,IA—-Ryan Assmann-Alta,IA
Graham Brown-Newell,IA—-Britney Winter-Aplington,IA
Cole Madson-LaVista,NE—-Megan Hoy-Spencer,IA
Bo Mitchell-Arion,IA—-Ty Rassier-Sauk Rapids,MN
Sam Foss-Springfield,MN—-Justin Nelson-Spencer,IA
Braxton Wiebusch-St. Cloud,MN—-Hunter Horst-Ruthven,IA
Joshua Goulet-Sartell,MN**—-Bryce Wiley-Laurens,IA
Dillon Dostal-Toledo,IA—-Jordon Shelledy-Ankeny,IA**
Caleb Stallings-Ringgold,GA**–Dalton Medhaug-Waterloo, IA
New hunters**

The new hunters are outfitted in camouflage gear; each also receives a handmade quilt by Darlene Wise and a hunter’s bible from the SYC group. Mitchell was presented with his mounted deer from last fall’s hunt and Sam got some new key chains, I am not sure if they were FORD or CHEVY. What was that Sam???? Caleb gets the prize for traveling the farthest this time.

We lost a dear friend and fellow guide this spring, Gary Christiansen was honored and his memory will live with us all forever. Gary loved to hunt, trap, fish and he enjoyed being a guide with SYC.

Howie Lake from Baton Rouge, LA, our weekend speaker, kicked off the weekend after all the introductions were done. Howie is a great speaker and we enjoy having him here. It was his second trip up to speak to our group. After Howie’s talk it was time to head back to camp to get ready for the next morning’s hunt.

Outreach Outdoors was here again for this hunt with their cameras rolling. Thanks Matt, Troy and Mackenzie. Matt actually got to have dinner with us Friday night for a change. We are so honored you take time out of your busy schedules to be with us on our hunts.

Saturday, Ty Rassier and Mitchell Tuttle had a great day out; they both brought back a turkey. It is so much fun to hear the stories of the hunters, the excitement of it all, successful or not. They have a good time even when the weather does not cooperate. The kids get to meet new friends or get to catch up with old friends once again. The fellowship is truly amazing all weekend.

Saturday after lunch was devotion time, Howie had devotions with the guys and his wife Karen had devotions with the gals. What a great afternoon it was. Saturday evening after dinner is campfire fun, it was a little chilly so the campfire was nice.

Sunday morning Britney brought back a bird, way to go girls! Howie had a service after lunch and then lots of pictures. Everyone gets ready to head back home after the long weekend. It was a wonderful weekend and the weather was not too bad most of the time.

A Special Thanks goes out to the many guides, transport people, landowners, the many volunteers, donors, sponsors, Dewey Hill for all the photos, the many families that open up your homes for the hunters to stay, and to the board members for the months of planning you do to implement a hunt like this. The hunters and their families sent out a special THANKS to all of you.

Upcoming Events:

Summer Fundraiser- August 15-16th
Fall Deer Hunt: September 25-27th


2008 Deer Hunting Weekend Sept 26-28, 2008

Wow, what a weekend this was! This was our biggest hunt yet with 19 hunters from 6 states.

* behind name represents a deer

New hunters were:

Graham Brown-Newell, IA— Ben Schottler-Loveland, CO**
Chelsey Wampler-Bristol, VA— Mitchell Tuttle-Vinton, IA*
Dalton Medhaug-Waterloo, IA— Ty Rassier-St. Cloud, MN*
Cole Madson-Lavista, NE— Seth Robins-Owensboro, KY*

Returning hunters were:

Nicole Hintz-Milford, IA*— Brittney Winter-Aplington, IA*
Nick Bassett-Boone, IA*— Braxton Wiebush-St. Cloud, MN
Ryan Assmann-Alta, IA*— Megan Hoy-Spencer, IA*
Sam Foss-Springfield, MN*— Bryce Wiley-Laurens, IA
Bo Elliott Mitchell-Arion, IA— Hunter Horst- Ruthven, IA
Dillon Dostal-Toledo, IA

Friday is always a big day with hunters arriving, some by air and some by car. The new hunters are outfitted in hunting gear and all hunters have a qualifying shoot at the farm. The evening banquet gets the weekend rolling. The night starts out with a fabulous meal and then we get to meet all the hunters, guides and the weekend speaker. Darlene Wise presents each new hunter with a SYC quilt she has made and the SYC board presents the new hunters with a Hunter’s Bible.

Jeff & Terri Olson from Hoffman Estates, IL were the weekend speakers. Their message was Josh’s Hope. Their son Josh had a life threating illness and they told his story. To check out more on Josh’s Hope you can go to http://www.joshshope.org

Saturday was the 1st day out hunting and was a big feat for our group. Between hunters, guides, drivers and helpers, there were 100 people involved in getting everyone to the blinds. By noon, several hunters had been successful and 5 deer had come back in. The remaining hunters arrived back and then it was time for brunch and devotions. Jeff had devotions with the guys and Terri had devotions with the gals. After devotions, the hunters rested up and visited before going back out for the afternoon hunt. By dinnertime, there were 4 more deer that had come in. What a great day! The evening is finished out with dinner, campfire fun, fellowship, and then off to bed.

Sunday morning, the remaining hunters with tags to fill, headed back out to the blinds. While they were out hunting, volunteers were back at the farm getting brunch ready. When the hunters came back in, there were 2 more deer. Brunch was served and then Jeff had devotions. One of our hunters, Nick Basset, had special music for us. This was a perfect end to a very nice weekend.

The weekend was very successful with 10 hunters harvesting 11 deer. You will have to check out the picture section to see the pictures from the weekend.

A big Thank-You to: all the hunters and their families for spending the weekend with us, the many volunteers for helping out, the guides for taking time out of your busy schedules, the board members for all the long hours getting this all ready, our photographer, Dewey Hughes, Outreach Outdoors cameramen, the many people who opened their homes for the hunters and their families to stay, the landowners, Denny and Kathy Somers for letting us use their farm, Darlene Wise for all the hours on the quilts and all the donors and sponsors for their support. It takes all of you here to make this happen. Thank you all and God Bless you!

Upcoming Events:
Turkey Hunt April 24-26th, 2009


April 25, 2008 Turkey Hunt

Friday April 25th was the start of the 2008 Turkey Hunt. There were 4 new hunters this hunt: Bo-Arion, IA, Brittany-Aplington, IA, Braxton-St. Cloud, MN, and Mitchell-Dubuque, IA. We had 8 returning hunters: Justin-Spencer, IA, Bryce-Laurens, IA, Ryan-Alta, IA, David-Spencer, IA, Dillon-Toledo, IA, Sam-Springfield, MN, and Megan-Spencer, IA.

The evening banquet is always a nice start to the weekend. Roger and his crew served a nice dinner. The new hunters receive new quilts with the SYC logo made by Darlene Wise, a Hunter’s Bible, and are also outfitted with hunting gear. The hunters and guides are introduced and then our speaker takes center stage. This weekend’s speaker was Gerri Caillouet from God’s Great Outdoors Radio out of Ohio. Gerri had a nice program. http://www.ggoutdoors.org

Saturday morning starts very early and the hunters pick up their snacks and head out to the blinds. It was a cold crisp morning. Roger and his crew were busy with morning brunch while the hunters are out. We had pancakes this time and it went over good. Thanks to whoever donated the use of the grill it was great. Gerri Caillouet had devotions after brunch and then the hunters got to rest up. Around 3:00 pm the hunters headed back out and came back around 7:00pm for dinner. We had 2 hunters that got their birds on Sat: Dillon and Braxton. There were a lot of stories the rest of the day. At dinner Dillon and Braxton told about getting their birds. It is such a joy to see the excitement in their eyes as they tell how they got their bird. After dinner is the campfire fun then lights out for an early start on Sunday morning.

Sunday the hunters were out early again and we had another hunter get his bird. Justin was just beaming. He had quite a morning. After brunch Gerri had devotions and then we got to watch some video that our great guys from Outreach Outdoors filmed while they were here for the weekend. Matt, Matt, & Matt were with different hunters during the weekend so we got to check out what goes on out there. Great work guys and nice video and write up on your website.

Upcoming Events
Summer Fundraiser – August 16th & 17th
Deer Hunt Camp – September 26th, 27th & 28th

We look forward to seeing you all again soon. God be with each and every one of you.